It’s not every day that dreams come true, but I recently saw a man who had realized his dream of playing in the NFL fulfill a young poet’s dream with an extraordinary gift.
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It was around 2007 when I began to put bunnies in my paintings. Bunnies started to appear everywhere in my work, a girl holding a bunny in her two hands, a bunny on a swing, or  a girl and a bunny flying through the dark night sky. They were everywhere. → Next Page

I am having lots of fun this summer doing art activities with my new girl friend, Sophie. She is seven years old and has the sweetest personality. She is not very verbal because of her autism but her ways of expressing herself with art are amazing. → Next Page

The idea that I became a bug with a baby riding me day and night started few months after I became a mother for the first time. Endless labor toward my first born baby as she woke up every 2-3 hours. → Next Page

This is a 3D world I created last year. I picked up an old abandoned stump and decorated with fake grass, chiseled a pond and filled it up with resin.  → Next Page

In Korea it’s traditional to keep your newborn baby inside for 21 days. Only close family members are allowed to come see the baby.  → Next Page

I am researching and thinking about unfortunate natural accidents of Anencephaly cases. Here are two pieces I’ve been working on. → Next Page